We are the Global Accelerationist Company.

We are strategic consultants: our goal is to help companies grow.

Who we are

Glacom is a modern company made up of experts in the field of strategic consulting and IT. Thanks to this mix of strategy and digital innovation, we are a trusted partner to turn to in order to understand how to grow your company. We are not just service providers and ours is not assistance limited to a few specific areas of intervention: what we offer is tailor-made and continuous advice.

Glacom's solutions and consultancy are always dedicated, as each company needs different strategies to grow.

A structured and international company

We are a contemporary and international company, present throughout the European territory.

Our digital soul

We are digital innovation consultants

We are a laboratory of technicians and consultants who have only one goal: to implement digital technologies capable of accelerating business growth.

We combine strategic consulting with high-profile IT skills. In this way we can design the most suitable technologies to allow growth, with a personalized approach.

Our way of working

We always work starting from an active dialogue with the company. We listen to understand their needs, then we develop solutions to increase their development.

We enter the company

We choose realities with high growth potential.

We listen to the executives

We learn what the needs, problems and goals are.

We analyze the company

We collect information and study the business processes.

We propose interventions

We present all the technological and financial solutions.

We design

The team of professionals operationally develops the project.

We implement

We optimize and improve the interventions carried out and proposed.

Constant advice

We monitor company growth through continuous consultancy.

Strategic consulting

Our goal is to help executives grow their company.

🚀We are hiring!

We are hiring!