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Marketing Automation for B2B

The construction of the database of potential customers

  • Dedicated database
  • Mailing automated
  • Internazionalizzazione
  • Without functional limits

The construction of a database of target companies

In commercial departments, one of the most time-consuming activities concerns the search for first contacts, often through trade fairs, lead campaigns or other paths, with the aim of facilitating meeting with interested persons.

With a strategic consulting approach, we intervene in commercial processes to find more efficient solutions in the potential research phase. Thanks to a series of technologies owned by us, we are able to build dedicated databases with lists of target companies and in-depth information based on the needs (email, telephone number, name of a manager, accounting information, and more).

Our goal is to speed up the business process.

The target contacts

We create tailor-made lists of potential customer companies, with detailed information, and put them at the service of the sales department.

We identify companies across the globe
We select potential customers based on the sector they belong to
We categorize the contacts following the accounting information
We collect different levels of information
Technology at the service of the commercial department

We offer a technology for sending profiled communications

Once the contact database has been collected, we provide an innovative system for the automatic sending of commercial communications. We customize the appearance and transmission, as well as the profiling of potential customers and the report of results.

During the sending operations, we analytically monitor the performance of commercial communication and carry out strategic consultancy to improve its productivity and effectiveness.

The characteristics of the sending of profiled communications
  • Non invasive

  • Profiled

  • Automated

  • Human to human

We implement direct marketing technologies to increase sales abroad.

We enhance the commercial process

Our consultancy does not stop at the first contact with potential customers. We listen to the needs of the customer to identify all the ad hoc solutions to strengthen the commercial process.

  • We offer technologies to analytically analyze the performance of the sales department
  • We build CRM to digitally organize all customer relations
  • We provide a Temporary Export Manager to contact potentials abroad
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